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Talc Powder

We offer high quality Talc Powder that is a metamorphic hydrated magnesium silicate with a soapy feel and pearly luster. Its lamellar structure and the platy ness give excellent opacity to the products. Composites filled with TALC enhance the performance properties of the compound. It exhibits higher stiffness, creep resistance at both ambient and elevated temperature. It has a greasy feel. Hydrous Magnesium Silicate Powder is the basic raw material for PP, LD, HDPE compounding, paints industries, paper industries, rubber, pharmaceutical industry, PVC, cosmetic, baby talc powders, and many more.

Chemical Composition Of Talc

SiO2: 60-62%
Al203: 0.25-0.28%
MgO: 28% -31%
CaO: Less Than 1 %
Fe203: Less Than 1 %
LOI: 4 to 5%

Application of Talc

  • Soaps & Detergents ( FMCG )

  • PP compounds used in automotive and appliances

  • PS compounds to prepare more stiff MIPS .

  • Additive master batches for paper like LLDPE & HM, HDPE films

  • Additive master batches for PP & HDPE box strapping

  • Paints and Rubber Plastics

  • Paints & Powder Coatings

  • Paper

  • Rubber

  • Ceramics

  • Printing Ink & Inorganic Pigments

  • Agro Chemicals

  • Electrical Insulations

  • Textile

  • Dal mill(polishing)

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